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Patient Education

Young Girl

Introduction to Asthma

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Early recognition of asthma symptoms and initiating therapy are key to preventing asthma exacerbation.

Face Mask

Chronic Cough

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Chronic cough is usually defined as a cough that lasts for 6 to 8 weeks or longer. Most of the time, chronic cough has an underlying cause and needs to be evaluated.

Lotion on Skin

Eczema Care Instructions

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Eczema can be very frustrating and requires vigilance even when skin appears to be healthy.

Woman stretching outside

Exercise Induced Asthma

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In the United States, it is estimated that as many as 10% of school-age children experience asthma symptoms brought on or worsened by exercise. This is known as Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA).

Man with runny nose


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Nasal congestion and runny nose is a common problem faced by all of us at one time or another in our lifetime.

Honey Bee Flower

Insect Bites or Sting Allergies

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Insect stings usually produce only local irritation and discomfort. However, for an unlucky few, about 1% of us injected with insect venom during a sting can have more serious consequences. Reactions can range from a large local reaction to death due to an allergy to the venom. 

Woman holding her head


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Headache is one of the top health complaints of Americans. We’re bombarded with advertisements – and we pay many millions of dollars – for pain relievers. Headache is also one of the most common reasons people see physicians, and it’s not a new problem.

Flower pollen

Immune System Reaction

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Most of you are familiar with allergy problems; however, very few understand the term “Immunology.” The immune system protects us from the outside environment so we can all lead a healthy life.

Child with balloons

Nose, Sinuses, and Ears

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We all take for granted that breathing through the nose is normal for everyone. However, there are several million people who do not have the luxury of breathing through their nose. When we breathe through the nose, the air circulates through the sinuses and while passing through the sinuses the air is humidified, filtered, and brought to body temperature.