Today's Tree Pollen count 😀 Low
Today's Ragweed Pollen count 🙂 Moderate
Today's Mold count 🤧 High
Today's Grass Pollen count 😀 Low

Allergy Skin Testing Return to Conditions Treated

  • Utilizes manufactured extracts and fresh foods containing common allergens to identify allergies.
  • Involves a mild prick or scratch on the skin that does not cause bleeding or pain for the patient.
  • A positive result will cause a bump and redness (similar to a mosquito bite) and usually develops within 15 minutes.
  • Testing is typically done on the arm or back.
  • Sometimes additional intradermal testing (injection of a tiny amount of extract just under the skin) may be needed.
  • Skin testing is available for many foods and environmental allergens and is typically less costly, quicker and more reliable than blood testing.
  • Allergists perform and interpret skin testing in the office to help diagnose and manage allergic conditions.

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