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Times have changed since we started Asthma Allergy Centers in 1980. We are not only a larger practice – we are evolving into a new era of technology. One of the changes we made is moving from paper to all electronic communications. Any changes are difficult to implement and adapt to, but we did it! Asthma Allergy Centers has now changed to an electronic environment.

As always, we are focused on patient care. All of our staff and doctors try to do our best to take care of our patients. We all feel great when our patients tell us things such as, "You have the best staff" and "You have a very well-run office." To keep up with the changing medical landscape and technology advances, we have also updated our website with Patient Portal access.

We realized a long time ago that patient communication is critical to any practice's success. In medical practice, the relationship between the patient, the staff, and the doctors is crucial.

We urge our patients to use this site with care and diligence. Thank you and we look forward to serving your needs more efficiently through technology!

What we do for...

Asthma treatment


Asthma Allergy Centers is patient-centered: Our patients ALWAYS come first. We have many facets of communication. Patients can call us anytime or log onto the patient portal and send non-urgent messages.

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School Nurse

A lot of issues can arise on a daily basis in dealing with your students’ health. We are here to help! We are happy to try to assist you with any allergy or asthma issues. Please call us at 1-800-238-2444.

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Referral Doctor

Referral Doctor

We appreciate your referrals. Your referrals keep us going. Referrals of all kinds make day-to-day practice challenging and interesting. To make it easy for you to refer patients, here are some important tips:

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